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Valid untill 31 Dec 23
  • One on one
  • Part time
  • 30, 45, 60 min slots
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Termly Classes

Valid untill 31 Dec 23
  • One on one
  • 11 Weeks
  • 30, 45, 60 min slots
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Custom package

Valid untill 31 Dec 23
  • One on one
  • Build a package that suits your needs
  • Gift the classes
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What we offer:

About us:


We are a part time and full time music school offering lessons based in, Table View and Durbanville,  catering for every kind of musical enthusiast from the shower singer to the up and coming band member, from junior school goers and high school teens to the corporate business owner.


Legacy School of Music started from 2 friends who had a passion for teaching and a passion for seeing Kids and Adults come to love music and love playing their instruments. All of our teachers love what they do and as a result, love to see their students develop. “Legacy…Something achieved that is left to some one else who comes after you”. The name Legacy really resonates with us in that while you are developing your own talents, you too could be developing a Legacy that you may very well leave behind one day. As we grow, we too, wish to leave a mark behind for the future generations. 


Lessons are 30 minutes once a week with the option of 45min or 60 minute classes for those who wish to have longer lessons. In these sessions you will learn fundamental elements that you can practice over the week leading up to your next class. (Full time classes differ) Please contact us for an interview for full time studies.


We facilitate regular live performance opportunities every 5 weeks in our fully equipped performance hall for all students who wish to take to the stage. Here students get the opportunity to play out their skills and practice whilst performing.


We are also equipped with a full recording studio offering students and bands the space to record full fledged, quality albums or singles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ofcourse you can!

Its important to note that you have already been doing this your whole life.

Does walking not involve rhythm? You literally walk to a 4 -4 rhythm. I.e the most common timing in all Rock and Pop music.

Do you not hum to the radio? That hum is a tone, a key, a pitch. We just need to help train your brain to recognise that pitch and key so you can exploit it.

Do you not wiggle when a cool tune comes on? Did you fall over ( don’t answer that ). The point is your internal musical ability has always been there just like how we can all punch and kick but martial arts classes helps you to define it, improve it and then wield it like the bad ass that you are.

Same goes for music!

Now lets get you started.

We believe talent is age-less and that everyone should be given an opportunity to try.

Therefore we encourage all ages to make a free booking so that we can evaluate a possible path forward.

Our minimum requirements for lessons are once a week for 30min. We do offer longer lessons at 45min or 60min slots at varying prices.

Upon signing up, you will choose an available slot that best suits you and that will be your recurring slot each week. Its very important for both the student and the teacher to have consistent classes each week to ensure your progress does not fall behind.

If you need to change the lesson time, you are welcome to chat with your teacher and they will change the time with you no problem.

Start right away!

Schedule your tour to come visit our school. We’d love to meet you.

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